Come to disappear

More pain in her heart than a bomb over Japan.
She clicks her heels, but nothing happens.
More alone than home.
She darts into the traffic, proud and defiant like rhinos on the Serengeti.
This was her town, but from it now she runs.
Her tears falling like skyscrapers.
Down into the rain and the black streets of London;
that tries to coil around her feet.
The slinking snake of society.
She runs out, down and up into onto the lampposts until they change to trees.
And she feels the nature breathe back within.
The racing rats she leaves behind.
Throwing her phone and her tolerance into the trash as she departs.
This was never for her.
She comes now, out into the greens and browns that match her eyes.
Seeing the vista swim into view like a quiet paradise.
She comes here, to disappear.
She comes to survive.


A thing or two to loose

How long until I screw it up?
Watching the fuse of your patience disappear.
Feeling overwhelmed yet repeated. You set my machine to high.
Of course you love me, what am I thinking?
Yet only if I’m perfect. Run, jump, swim higher faster. Better.
The strength within cannot be graded by your yard stick.
The one you beat, trick ad strike with.
I feel small and defeated. Lost in the forest.
Looking beneath and seeing no safety net of you.
Just a stern ringmaster, cracking a whip.
It comes down to the fact I haven’t got it all figured out.
And I ask, who does?
Allow me to spin in my chronic chaos, and love me for me.