Lune à l’esprit

These moments, like pearls on silver lips.
Gently spun and mouthed in wonder.
Consumed by the burning fire of solar saturation.
A golden treasure that I can sit beneath.
Counting coins and constellations.
Never equalling my love for you.
We are but pieces of a shattered moon.
That fell to earth when the world was sleeping.
They never knew how I kissed you, pioneered your love.
Discoverer. Sweet foreign terrain.
Unknown to them in the quietness above.
We are blank space and white noise in their muddled worlds.
Silent, like the dawn.
Tiptoe with me now, to the edge of the unknown.
These transparent moments.
Into the corner of god’s pocket.
Un-stitching fabric and time, eager to breathe the space of the infinite.
And air that sets my soul alight.
Burning the past and dancing on the surface.
Of a moon that those below can only howl at.



When it rained silver, I yearned to fly.
Broken winged and feathered down.
Patching this ache that intertwined.
You throw your shadow over time.
Then force this need, looks me in the eye.
That terrible force that begins to take hold.
Once more, this feeling.
Begin this flutter with splintered souls.
Feeling it splutter.
These heaves of my heart.
I wonder now, and breathe then cry.
A falling star.
A fading sigh.

Numbed by nostalgia

What trance am I under, what spell has been cast?
My morning woken by tiny earthquakes. Little voices from the past.
Bouncing off the thoughts in my brain, sweeping into memories.
Exploding on my Thursday morning.
Silent all these years, then back with such ferocity.
But then, those birds circling had to some day land .
Slipped into precious hallucinations, running after the rain.
Who would have thought it would still affect me, that I could not wash it away?
Stay with me, settle in for the cold winter ahead. Treat me to tales of tomorrow.
Put a gun to the head of grudges, smash the face of anger.
My heart suggest ghosts, my brain tells me friends are knocking at that door to my soul.
Coughing up golden stardust and remorse.
As I search for silver linings.