‘The Gospel’

Smothering me in a shadow of time.
All those instances of comprise.
Drilled down to the core of my soul.

‘St. Sebastian’s was an unusually large church for the neighbourhood. From a distance it towered high over the neighbouring roofs of Lower Berg in the Trent County, its gothic spire spearing up into the heavens like a finger pointing to God. It nestled neatly in between the local community centre and the freedom park which swarmed around it like a coiled snake. Inside, steps would echo cavernously off the stone walls, clomping up to the rafters where the pigeons dwelled. It was like most churches, cold and inhospitably yet cloaked in a hypocrisy of asking you to stay.’

Hidden under the base of a statue of Mother Mary, the current pastor of St. Sebastian’s church discovers a small tightly bound book, the contents of which explain the demise of the previous Father, Father Nikolas and the confessions of those who frequented the church throughout his time there. A journey through pain, doubt and forgiveness; the book opens the eyes and hearts and asks everyone for their own confessions.

‘The Gospel of no one’ is a hybrid novel mixing fiction and poetry, orbiting religious imagery and spirituality. Hope, mixed with the horror of being only human.