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These are my published titles:

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To err is human…Forgiveness can be the most impossible. How many wrongs can twist inside a heart to make it a victim? How many grudges must we carry, pulling us down like gravity? A life led in ordinariness attracts its fair share of hurt and trauma. But to dwell in the oil, will only make the soul dark and heavy.

To forgive then, is what we must do. Here lie letters sent to those who can be forgiven, composed in all honesty. But it’s the forgetting which is the trickier part of healing. With a splattering of poetry to wash the wounds clean, these words hang like olive leaves on tough branches, soaked in blood from the scars that are still healing. Forgiving though, of course, makes us divine.



Every day there are miracles, before us the wonder of life dances in our eyes. The light filters through the grey, illuminating such beautiful visions. What diamonds do we pick up from our own path, which blessings are to be plucked from the vine of life?

Everyday Miracles is a collection of poetry exploring the light, divine abundance that populates our waking day. Happiness is a construct of joy, miracles, light, and hope. As we ascend the tree of life to the crown, where all radiance emanates, we can dwell on those things that make life worth living, and we can appreciate the climb.



Every day we are confronted by the nightmares that seep into our lives. Horror wears many cloaks, stealing the light and casting such long shadows. It slowly becomes more difficult to stumble through, weighed down by guilt, pain, and love.

Everyday Nightmares is a collection of poetry exploring the darker, more melancholic aspects of our lives. Within these painful markers, there is also the Suicider’s tale, strung through to narrate what happens in the great beyond. A collection which touches the void and brings the dark inside.


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Seasons change like memories. Swelling on a yearly cosmic tide.
Never free from change, we move like blood coursing through a body, pumped by a heart under the pressures of life and circumstance.

Discover this photopoetry collection while you drift, snapshots in time across the seasons that wander into your eyeline. From Spring to Winter, course your path across the yearly interval and meet visitors such as love, pain, wonder and friendship.


Horror comes in many forms. It can creep at the door, surprise us in a truth or dwell within our very bones. To escape and flee is a natural instinct. But what if the horror never disappears?

Dislocated is a collection of 28 short stories which cover the need to escape, and the horror of remaining.  This collection shows you the road to freedom, but warns you with a cold hand, that you may not travel alone.



She left the earth how she wanted, walking into the ocean as the stars above sparkled in their preciousness. She hoped to join them, to transform into something that burned with a power a million miles away from here. Her departure may be one of sadness, but it was by her own choosing. It was her own way to transform.

‘Nothing but I am’ follows the life of Eleanor, as read through her journal in her final days on the planet. It washes over her hopes and dreams, loves and despairs at the hands of fate and the disturbance of states that begin to corrode her life. Her death imprints itself on a police officer trying to unpick meaning in her demise as she goes through her words and thoughts left in her journal.


Failures washed over his workbench, dripping down his life. His quest to find the secret of changing lead into gold had consumed and shaken his soul.

‘Alchemy’ is a story about a man’s evolution at the end of his life and how his preciousness is valued, not in the gold he makes; but the changes that he conjures. Strewn around poems that lead from dreams to magic, and prayers to happiness; the story navigates from despair to adjustment in surreal and magical landscapes.

Poetry and storytelling collide in this hybrid tale that mixes spirituality with personal well-being.


Lurking deep within all of us, even those familiar to the stormy seas, dwells the leviathan. The monster in the soul which takes hold when the sun is so easily burnt out. It is the bringer of the darkness, the chaos and the nightmares. Threatening your little raft of life that is cast out into the world.

Journey here onto the sea of poetry and short stories that explore the waves of emotions, horror and sadness. But keep an eye on the horizon for that little splinter of hope that breaks from the sky. ‘Leviathan: Of the soul’ is a poetry and short story collection covering topics of death, mental illness, suicide and redemption. Hold on against its onslaught.


A well-travelled heart sees it all, from street to street and wall to wall.
Soaking in life’s wonderment, from euphoric highs to the deep laments.

This heart is stained, bruised and scarred. Still beating, just graffitied; and bursting to show you what it’s seen.

Graffitied Heart is a little book of rhymes and poems, going through the alphabet of existence. And as with all lives, they can be humorous, horrifying and heartening.

A compendium of complexities for your enjoyment.


Hidden under the base of a statue of Mother Mary, the current priest of St. Sebastian’s church discovers a small tightly bound book, the contents of which explain the demise of the previous Father, Father Nikolas and the confessions of those who frequented the church throughout his time there. A journey through pain, doubt and forgiveness; the book opens the eyes and hearts, asking everyone for their own confession.

‘The Gospel of no one’ is a hybrid novel mixing fiction and poetry, orbiting religious imagery and spirituality. Hope mixed with the horror of being only human.



North of the North Pole, you see the Pisces rising. Breaking the horizon like the eye of God. Meaningless words uttered in constellation, bringing us closer to the end. The black hole within all of us, threatening to devour and place us somewhere else in time.

Travel into this corroding galaxy with poems and insights of birth, life and death. A final spatial opus while the galaxies drip down & slip out of view. This is a collection of poetry designed to take you out of this gravity’s pull and allow your imagination to voyage around the stars, touching on the spiritual, the familiar and the most alien of emotions.



Nothing truly lasts forever. We dance on the fingertips of the ephemeral looking back to our footsteps in the sand. Along this journey, we encounter fables of construction in our mind and stories we wish to tell.

A collection of short stories that take you back in time, statically to the present and forward deep within your own heart. From the sadness surrounding The Astronaut to the evil that dwells at Anaxbly House in Souls in the Wind; we come full circle to the beautifully damaged understanding of Imperfect, impermanent, & incomplete, where acceptance of imperfection is the liberation we all desire.

We come alone, and all in pieces.


Trying to remember where it all began, when I first started to feel this way. Is this real or am I still asleep? The hypnagogic state of uncertainty. Knowing the unfamiliar through the transitional magnitude of moments. Come with me, follow the path through snow covered lands into churches of splendour that play out a life steeped in love and lonely anger. Stay a while, and leave me where you find me; lying in bed and thinking of you, as I drift in and out of sleep…

Charting the spiral and ascension into something beyond, ‘Drifting in and out of sleep’ is a mix of stories and poems which bleed into one another over space, time and mortality. Starting in the snow covered forests of unknowing-ness, it traces the steps that mirror life; through emotional dependence, God, love and coming to the ever reaching self-absorption of space.

bloody peacock featherKEEP IT TOGETHER

It’s the summer of 1977, and in the middle of a blazing heat wave, the estranged children of the wealthy and eccentric Van-Blacks all gather at the infamous Nova-Manor to discuss recent family developments over Fourth of July weekend. Their father is dying, and now wishes to build some bridges with his children before he shuffles off the mortal coil. However, things begin to take an unusual twist with the arrival of Miss T., a Jamaican fortune teller who sweeps in under an air of mystery to perform a séance.

Secrets and truths slowly begin to be uncovered, helped along by the butler Mr Perkins, who knows more about the past then perhaps he should. Ghosts, storms and mysteries in the attic all explode over the holiday weekend along with the fireworks. With a body on their hands and new truths revealed, they are all forced to question whether they can live with the knowledge someone they love is a capable of murder. Independence comes at a price, and not everything is what it seems as they try to keep it together.


Emotions can sometimes take hold, grip you like a vice and force you to act, and react, to strange situations; which in hindsight, could be handled without the rawness of an emotive state. But then nobody is perfect. Here are a collection of poems covering themes such as: Anger, Indifference, Sadness, Hope and Love all set against the backdrop of ‘The Trial of the Century’, witnesses come forward to tell their own tales in view of the supposed crimes.

The witnesses just happen to be ghosts.

This collection of poems tackles human emotions that range from the fantastic to the absurd, telescoped in to one person’s renderings through life and love, and all that is in between.


Religion has long since been a dominant theme within Art, permeating such arenas as Theatre, Dance, Literature and Music. Film is no different, and religion; be it subtle or overt, has had its influence and impact on Cinema and the cinematic landscape since its inception.

This study looks at the relationship religion has with film, looking closely at selective motion pictures; ‘The Passion of the Christ’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, ‘Agnes of God’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. Incorporating its attitudes with audience reception and interpretation, along with the cultural importance and relevance in contemporary film.