Resplendent consumption

Though the dark spreads doubt and fear.
It is in the light where she creeps near.
For shadows and gloom she leaves in her wake.
With mournful tunes and deathly ache.
The light is what she needs to feed.
A pulsing urge, like a sprouting weed.
She sucks the light like marrow from bone.
And crawls inside that place called home.
She splits the joy and hope in two.
Suckles each like morning due.
Savouring each fantastic pleasure.
That shrivels for you, but to her is treasure.
This dark and heavy visiting member.
Will drain the light to a dying ember.
And leave you feeling almost dead.
While she licks these words inside your head.
That if darkness fades and you feel lighter.
If hope does spread and things feel brighter.
She will return, like a rolling cloud.
To kill the light with her consuming shroud.

5 thoughts on “Resplendent consumption

  1. You know thinking about this — any great light might feel like darkness — because it illuminates so much that was not seen before — it is often why we “shoot the messenger”. Yet it does not change — the reality — or what lives in the dark — the real issue is that “we” don’t feel capable of dealing with the dark — I have felt that way with some of your other writings — and I unfollowed you for awhile — mind you your story about the tea poisoning was fiction — and I didn’t like it — maybe the mood I was in already — I deal with it with my own writing — I know that darkness — or conflict is important in a good story — but how dark does it have to be? This poem is perhaps more like a emotional vampire – which I suppose is very different from an illuminator — it is important to be able to discern the difference — yet at the same time — there are some who can manipulate reality or how it is seen — rather than just reveal it — A true illuminator I suppose would also reveal the hidden goodness too. 🙂


    • I think everyone turns from what they don’t like in themselves. What we don’t like in others is usually what we have in ourselves. It’s good to shine the light on all the garbage, so we know what needs cleaning.


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