Nemesis (Story reading)

Silence came only when she closed her eyes. When she could visually shut the world up for a moment. She had practised to do this, years of trying to silence the noises and the demands of all around her. Her world was her own when her eyes were wide shut. These weren’t flights of fancy into different realms, or some grapple with mental tectonic plates. She had a quiet space and peaceful world in her head which was the copy of the world around her.

It was just devoid of others.

Other people troubled, angered, confronted, demanded and taxed her. They played on her time and patience, milking off her generosity as if it were an endless source. How much should she have to contend with? What was a reasonable demand on her each day that she woke, roamed and entertained this thing called life? Must she always be left reduced by a need to give…..

Taken from ‘Dislocated’ – out now

35 thoughts on “Nemesis (Story reading)

    • Thank you, glad you liked this one. I haven’t looked at it like that, i think it’s a manifestation of a lot of things in her…definitely change.


      • I’ve been binge watching magic and supernatural movies and TV shows – and it’s made me hungry for more I suppose — This snippet could be an appetizer — but I really want the whole feast …


      • It isn’t explained until season two — but basically the gist is when a human dies and becomes a whitelighter — his soul is split in two — good side becomes the white lighter — and the bad side — a dark lighter — but they would trap that part I think — it’s been awhile since I watched it – but his dark side gets out — and tries to take over his magical life … he has special powers as well — and look identical — neat idea really — Similar to what they did in Once upon a time with Regina but yah — it is basically the shadow — if we deny it long enough — well in magical realities — it gets a life of it’s own — In the real world I’m not quite so sure — but I imagine that social media — has perhaps driven the suppression of it more — with all of public shaming and cancel culture — but in a way revealed it more too — It’s strange I recall reading in a book about spirituality – that the way to enlightment was to reveal yourself – get “naked” but in a soul way — but in the presence of the guru because however embarrasing it is to stand naked in front of mirror .. know all your own dirty secrets – to show them to someone else willingly — well — that is sorta more important …. anyway — I am way off track … 🙂 have a lovely day Mark …

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      • I guess the stripping away of the masks reveals the true essence and soul. We are different people in different environments. Interesting.


      • Of course even as children we behave differently in class than on the playground or at home — or when lost in the shopping mall …. I mean our essence is the same .. but I don’t know if you can call that masks per-se — but perhaps different modes of survival — some starker than others — The bully at school is often the one bullied at home — what people do in times of war is most certainly different than what they would do in times of peace — I think the issue is for lack of enlightenment — is people actually not taking the time to get to know themselves — most lies we pass along are the lies we believe ourselves — or about ourselves — usually you need someone to point to it – to see it — to accept it — I once had a teacher who said it doesn’t matter what you see — as long as you see it — I imagine because it gives a choice — an alcoholic will continue to drink until it is seen as a problem — everyone else might see how it affects him or her — but until they see it — doesn’t matter — Everyone has shadow aspects — some just see them more clearly than others – that is what I like about this story of yours — that this person’s darkness has manifested — and that the person can see it — and how the tea she drinks – no longer tastes good — I think life is like that when we don’t acknowledge our darkness or our shadow self – we cannot enjoy as much — like it blocks somehow — integration is key … 🙂 I want more of your story ….. is all I can say! 🙂


  1. Must she always be reduced…..

    by everything……

    I’m sorry ….

    Please put it back up. Forgive me lashing out. I took it personal… It wasn’t written for me. It had nothing to do with me and yet it hit me hard and knocked me to the floor and I want to see it again. Please.


    • I don’t think it’s gone anywhere……But i hope you liked the story. The ‘other’ can mean many things, but i imagine it’s the parts she wants to win but won’t allow. Like being stuck with a conscience.


      • Stuck with a conscience…..


        That’s it. That’s my complaint. I never saw that. I never understood that I didn’t like it….until now..

        But then I do….

        Because you can’t feel all the feels without the idiocy of this all. The ego, the masquerade, the sorrow and pain….it’s all part of the show.

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      • I suppose how you look at it, the moral compass, the voice of the opponent. It usually takes the form of something to challenge us. Consciousness is key.


      • She wants to win but won’t allow….

        Within herself?

        She is waiting for a soft landing, maybe? I need to reread it. I just don’t know that I’m ready.💋


      • A reread is always a compliment, so thank you. I hope the pieces fall in on the second time…or even the listening. Is a little deeper than i thought writing it.


      • Thanks❣️

        I was struggling that day and I took it to heart and I know logic it had nothing to do with me but in my heart it hit like a dagger. That’s a lot of emotion to pull out of a person. As a writer you should be very proud. I hope.


      • Thank you, i do indeed like it when something i wrote connects well with someone. Sorry it a difficult one and not something joyous you could connect with. Thank you for saying and sharing though.


  2. Here is the thing…..

    This isn’t on you as a writer it is on me as the interpreter. This should have felt like a lovely,.poetic and touching piece, instead it felt like you climbed in my heart and shared a piece of me with the world I didn’t even want to see.
    Which how is that even possible, right?

    I reread it….

    And what I’m being told by every spiritual.mentor is that I personally need a lot more self care and also to see giving as something so innate to my souls and well being that to not give would hurt more…

    So I need to find the joy in it….the meaning ..the value…..and let it add the depth to life that it does. I.e. see is as something good.

    I flew off the handle at you…. For my own drama and pain.

    I think your protagonist and I just need a vacation. Lol



  3. To receive for the sake of sharing!! OMG. Why haven’t I ever seen that before. Thanks.. I’ll look at that in more depth.

    I appreciate the glimpse at a new perspective.

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  4. It was just devoid of others – I like how this line is placed. Many a times the placement of words is so important in a piece. I liked the lead on to the entire piece – very interesting !


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