The Fall will kill us both

Walking on this wire.
I see the sea below us.
Cool and deep like the thoughts of mother earth.
Take my hand.
There is nothing to catch us if we tumble.
Down into the shark filled ponds of loneliness.
Scattering petals of our bloom.
Where our bones will turn to coral.
And you will dig down into the sand.
Foot follows foot as we walk.
Inching along the eggshell laden rope.
Banana skin memories drop like raining frogs.
I profit from my certainty.
These plagues are temporary.
Hold me if I slip.
I will catch you if you stumble.
Walking on this wire, we must be careful.
Because the fall will kill us both.

2 thoughts on “The Fall will kill us both

  1. Just wonderfully composed. Since it is fall here at The Holler, I thought at first, you meant the fall, seasonally, might kill you both. And since we are still in unprecedented drought here at The Holler in the fall, for us, no winter yet. I was already agreeing with you.


    • Winter will come in a sudden rush perhaps. All good things come along that way. I’m glad you enjoyed this one, and thank you for your kind comment.


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