Skeletons in my closet

Into your ear I promise heaven.
Though I’m sure we’ll go through hell.
Consider this a quick confession.
Before falling under this spell.
My love is mined in deep deposits.
In caves of the dark and unkind.
But there’s skeletons buried inside my closet.
And devils lurking in my mind.

21 thoughts on “Skeletons in my closet

  1. Devil or devils, one or many. For me it’s the critical and destructive voices that are already here, and perhaps ones that need to be overcome. The easiest way is usually the wrong way, and the devil, or devils, will always make us seek comfort.. The opponent is there, unless he wants you to think he’s not, he’s in others. You can never trust a trickster. This is my personal take obviously, it may read differently to you…the joy of poetry!


      • Part of me agrees but another part asks is that just what we tell ourselves to give meaning to our pain and suffering? To turn it into something more beautiful than it is? I can see both sides of the coin. Many philosophers have struggled with this idea. I can see why.

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      • There probably isn’t any definitive one, for me it’s less about what we tell ourselves and more on what we feel. The telling gives way to the voices, and those that lead to both overwhelm and stagnation. Easy doesn’t make you grow.
        I see both side also.


      • Sometimes … inspiration is enough. I don’t know if you have ever been truly inspired by anyone — it could be a big or a small thing — pain does not always have to be the motivation — Like — for example — pain does not make me want to write a good book — I want to write a good book — because I have read so many good books. I suppose though I can understand have pain could de-motivate too — lack of self esteem and forbid someone from even beginning to attempt — because they will never be as good as so and so. I think often times pain is used as spin — let this never happen again — we learned from our mistake — it gives meaning pain — I’ve told myself that many times before — was I lying to myself — maybe — reminds me of how I should have dumped an ex boyfriend — before — he cheated on me — I should have — but I didn’t. It was painful — and convoluted — it showed many other people’s true colours – but had I went with my gut initially I wouldn’t have had to endure the pain — but I tell myself — well — it was so I could learn — but — if I had listened to my instinct — I wouldn’t have had to go through all that other betrayal — with those other people in my life. Nietzsche wrote that is what we have to appologize for most — for not listening to ourselves. Some people need pain to grow — sometimes — but since you brought this up — it really has my wheels turning — and I wonder — if that is just BS “the devil” wants us to believe so we can keep screwing up — shrug our shoulders and say hindsight is 2020 — but that is what all religions are founded upon — great novels based on — mythology created — and philosophy and even political systems built on. Quite the sentence you wrote there Mark. — but see I have a certain disposition — how many others read that one line — and just left it on the page? Thank you.


      • I agree, pain doesn’t have to be the cause. We allow the painfully ways to wake us up, when we can always choose to grow without the painful lessons first. We have to have life experiences though, and it’s hard growing up and not being told these lessons but having to find the out ourselves. Personally, for me, the instinct and the voice can be different…one tries to sway, one tries to warn. It’s a tight rope to walk, but if we believe that it all is there for a purpose, then we can treed forth more confidentially. Glad this got the wheels turning, always good to be ‘activated’ by something we read.
        “Man is the cruelest animal…and when he invented hell for himself, lo, hell was his heaven upon Earth.”

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