Little wounded wing


Little wounded wing.
You never knew how dangerous it could be.
Flying through life as you were.
Hoping others, like you, wanted to sing.

Little spark of light.
No one told you how maddening it would be.
Existing how you are, so special.
The rules never showed you how to fight.

Life it took a hold and stained.
Into your feathers and soul it pained,
you to see what this world really was behind the lies.
Through maligned and deceitful eyes.
After wandering your many trails, deserving of fairness and love.
The world is dark and mattered.
Cruel and harsh and tattered.
To a creature who sees the good in everyone from above

Little broken heart.
We all told you how not to cry.
No one cares for water spent.
The gulf between us now so far apart.

Hey little dying bird.
You told yourself in the end.
The only thing that was missing, was love.
And love was the only thing they no longer heard.


12 thoughts on “Little wounded wing

  1. It’s never, easy, growing up, being, deprived of, love, but, if we work on our selves, we will, learn to, love, our selves, it’s, usually, quite hard, to find the missing love, to give to, others, when we didn’t, have it, growing, up…


  2. Don’t take that from me

    Does it matter that it bleeds….

    If it can’t help but feel

    Because it understands that to not feel
    Is the real death


  3. And hardly a soul seems to truly grasp that….

    Life hurts whether you pretend it away, block it out or live like a zombie. Light as well be real and get joy from it all….even the pain.


  4. (I’m sorry. I apologize for that. No I am not crying. What I meant to say was). Something completely kosher and politically corrects that cunningly linguistically alludes to how much I enjoyed your post and makes your feathers shake a little and bolsters your pride and hopefully makes you smile.

    That is far more civilized and much more the norm than what I just did. Let’s just go with this version. Shall we?


    • I’m glad this one spoke to you, it’s a very conflicting piece and i can see how it might resonate differently with people. I think there is a speck of hope their, and that the wings can help them fly to other skies, even in wounded a little…not broken.


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