Paper feathers stick to your frozen heart.
Threatening an ink to write your story.
Do my eyes seem empty?
They lost such love for you.
Welling with tears that know the truth.
I’ve forgotten how to dream.
Too much darkness pushed the light away.
You don’t ask me to stay.
When it fell down, you pulled yourself clear.
Watching the fires rage from a distance.
Safe and sound.
As I burned into nothing.

9 thoughts on “Disturbance

  1. “Too much darkness pushed the light away.” love this! Finally a tribute to darkness, too much of light blinds, darkness gives higher appreciation of light, and similarly I now pay tribute to your words. Excellent Mark, I have been away too long, missed your brilliant writing.


    • Thank you Gina, nice of you to say. These little pockets of words will be scattered for whoever picks them up.
      But yes, darkness is necessary to allow the light show up better. It’s also part of the light, just best not to dwell there.

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