Arrêter de tomber

Lies, they kept her from heaven.
A raging ghost of self-contempt.
Is it fake when inside there is truth?
For in the dark, all can see her tears.
Slipping into the cracks of hell.
Crying out to change.

8 thoughts on “Arrêter de tomber

  1. I gave myself permission to feel like the muse to your poem. It was an exquisite feeling. Maybe one day someone will write something like that about me. I suppose like you I could write it myself.

    Your poems have such passion to them. Such a window into the soul. I would love to leave such an impression on someone. Lol


    • There is a saying that if a poet falls in love with you, you never die. I think when people are impassioned by you, a part of you lives forever. Good or bad, the emotion sticks somewhere. I too would like to leave those scars on someone….i think most people are covered by thorns. I’m glad this one spoke to you, thank you.


      • True, nothing lasts forever. And you might never know who you inspire, the random fall of life. You might already have moved someone to create!


      • Maybe. And you’d think that thought would suffice but it doesn’t.

        I guess what I truly want is to have someone obsessed with me and then me feel that way in return. I want an ultimate enmeshment. Where the boundaries are lost between selves. Where your breath begins and ends within their gaze alone. Completely and totally unhealthy, I’m sure. But I long for it desperately, none the less.

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