Tender, the grass of war

A bloody dust covers the eyes of the onlookers.
The voyeurs of life’s sad pageant.
Cattled and rattled they sing the song of war.
A sweet lullaby to mark their intent.
The flag sticks in a body not long departed.
Stretched and lined like the marks of policies.
The bow broke and spilled them into the trenches.
Dirtied their bones and wet the bed.
What cared for them as their moon-skulls broke?
Separated out into the dark sea of regret.
Scaring away the tigers.
Cutting out and counting down.
Piece by piece we cut away the fabric of life.
Stitched into a patchwork of redesign.
Peace and thoughts maligned.
Meet me in the sandbox, the playground, the gulf.
Help me destroy the things I do not understand.
Recess, regress. God bless this mess.
A boy lost in a man’s disappearing world.

6 thoughts on “Tender, the grass of war

  1. children called to join a group want to belong, not realising they get brainwashed into thinking wrong can be served up as right. my heart aches for the young we lose to “mature” ideologies. heartfelt poem my friend, showing the strength of your writing at its best.


    • Thank you, i find any poems on war or conflict don’t get that much appreciation – not that i’m counting, but it’s interesting to see which themed connect and those which don’t. Maybe people prefer the escapism. But i’m pleased you connected to this and saw the horror and plight here.

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      • war poems tend to be too gory to be fully appreciated maybe. maybe that’s why I connected with your poem here because it carries the emotional weight and sorrow of war not just the graphic details. would make a good study to see what type of poetry is most popular and among what kind of readers.


      • Yes, it would. I always find poetry an extension of my moods so i guess it’s relative. Hard to take of the writer’s hat sometimes when reading. I don’t usually like romance poetry…which there is a glut of. I like your work as it’s so unique and yet encompassing. I think it’s the well travelled eye that you have.

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      • Thank you my friend. Your kind words and powerful poetry always push me to write deeper and better. I am a little judgemental when reading, how awful right! But we love what touches our soul. Romantic poetry is too sweet for me. I prefer passion over lukewarm gushing love. Heehee, looking forward to “travel the world and the seven seas” soon. Thank you for reading what I write, that completes the work. My love letters to the universe and my eternal questions appreciate your lovely visits.


      • I think everyone is judgmental, it defines taste and what we like. But like attracts like, so i’m inspired as much by you also, I have always liked your pieces, and the fact you try different things and contexts. A rich tapestry!

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