I Miss my ocean (Redux)


Sand. Dirty sand and soil.
Dust in my mouth and coating this skin.
A film of sweat covers me.
Sticky heat and restless.
I miss my sea, the ocean that bore me.
Tranquil and deep like the pools in my mind.
To drift and meander across its aqua stretches.
Calms the blood that torrents through me.
I miss my sea, my ocean.
At times stormy, but full of life.
Threatening to pull me down to the ocean floor.
Where I can be alone, and able to heal.
The arid heat and air of this desert itches my eyes.
Scratches at the very thought of going on another day.
The salty air calls me back.
A maelstrom of reasons directing my compass.
To ride over waves and rise with Atlantis.
Reaching a trident back up to god.
So I shall make my way, and crawl back into the sea.
One which always welcomes and cherishes me.
Washing everything clean, and cooling my soul.
I miss my ocean.
I miss my sea.


10 thoughts on “I Miss my ocean (Redux)

  1. This is really beautiful and I find it so striking, so honest with the repetition there (as well being altered a little each time with the ocean, sea) and calling out. It’s just beautiful to me how you wrote this.


    • Thank you Lucy, that’s wonderful to here. Glad the lapping of the waves in the repetition flowed through. This is one of my favourites, and people seem to respond well to oceanic poetry.

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  2. being more parts water than other substance, the poem takes me back to my origins, such a clear recording, like fine crystals against the seashore. Totally loving your new art here.


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