Lay me down

To sleep, in a dream that never wakes.
Flying on stars and tears tonight.
Lay me down.
Into the air or the earth.
For that is where my soul seeks silence.
Covered for a hundred years, a thousand tears.
Rusted and weak.
Lay me down, to sleep.
And tell me stories of the future.
A harkening of new truths.
When this time has died into a yesterday.
I will wake and drink the world in again.

TAKEN Everyday nightmares – OUT NOW

book cover burning house

6 thoughts on “Lay me down

  1. Ys, some sleepless nights makes us thoughtful.. We might dwell on our past and future… Especially the we ponder over our sorrows rather than good deeds…. And some lost dreams keeps haunting us during that time…

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  2. The pain of disease or mental stress or age or loneliness can bring us to the conclusion that laying down (to die) would be better than this life. I am thankful that in the stressed moments and days, I recall that my purpose is not to feel comfortable, but glorify God. Thank you for the thought provoking poem.


    • You’re very welcome, glad it got the brain turning. Sometimes pushing through when we feel overwhelmed is what is needed, but remembering both we aren’t alone and that we are always given the strength to overcome what is sent our way. Comfort in the uncomfortable indeed.


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