Toujours en fuite? / Still on the run?

Vous souvenez-vous, quand vous étiez jeune?
Les battements de coeur dans un infini.
Une seconde sur les lèvres de Dieu.
Pouvez-vous sentir la forêt?
Es-tu fuyant?
Disparu dans les arbres.
Quelle partie d’entre vous ne dort jamais?
Pour toujours rêver dans un monde où règnent les cauchemars.
Portez votre couronne.
Asseyez-vous, et lavez-vous dans les larmes cosmiques.


Do you remember, when you were young?
The heartbeats in an infinity.
One second on the lips of God.
Can you smell the forest?
Are you fleeing?
Disappeared in the trees.
What part of you never sleeps?
To always dream in a world where nightmares reign.
Wear your crown.
Sit down and wash yourself in cosmic tears.

11 thoughts on “Toujours en fuite? / Still on the run?

      • well you did what you wanted … I would have liked it more — with out the misty and haziness …. I wanted to see the subject more clearly I guess — but it does have your poetic quality ….


      • Actually Mark … I think that Real love is easy to capture — but the trick is the right bait has to be real love too … or it has to be seen with clear eyes — hazzy — smokey … misty … foggy … it is just merely ego blocking what is truly already there … vulnerability … is required … but that is a whole other topic


      • Many parts to the machine of love it seems, but thank you for your perspective. Is interesting to see how words can stimulate such emotions. Glad this seemed to be igniting piece, thank you!


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