Who let in the rain?

Underneath that crystal water
Of crushed stars and dreams.
Dwelling like a memory that won’t die.
Lies a soul.
Frayed and tattered.
Filled with thoughts of eucalyptus leaves and saffron.
Tide up in heartstrings and self-made knots.
Tackling the torrents soundlessly.
To drown silently in a rising tide.
This was their gift to you.
Keeping the truth and the pain out of your eyes.
Packing soot and coal into the sockets.
Trembling inside and yet still.
Like a sewn up teddy bear.
All glass eyed reflective.
Who let that rain in, to wash the hope away?
Deluged in dopamine and on the brink of decay.
Each drop inched closer.
Under the door and down their spine.
Exploding the sky with a grey that blocked out heaven.
God made the rain, the floods and the tide.
To wash away the sinners, the soulless and already sunken.
Yet she was always destined to float.
Catching stars in pockets and wiping the salvation across our mouths.
But the rain came in.
Straw ladened and camel shaking.
Soaked in misery and shame.
And now she is lost under the surface.
Ripped away in the undertow.
Growing gills and thicker skin.
Crashing on someone else’s shore.

2 thoughts on “Who let in the rain?

  1. I’d like this but I’d rather reply w/tragic…..If I had a heart to break it would have reading your piece of artwork here…..how would I know, it’s all in the echo. Cellular memory is our bed fellow the blanket. Consider it infinitesimal meats (pun intended) infinity & it’s shadow all standing on one line …how many shadows does one think to find? Also, to replace “on the line” w/hypercube as it came to me next: had to look it up first (haha). Those whom shout the loudest ripple down the vines of time but maybe on different but subset lines and not all have been privy to such a find….their hearts have been blessed because the depths are irrelevant….in each layer to end a new beginning starts again…regardless of exactly “when”….to lose all the things you thought you knew just to start anew….letting go of the only hand that their promise would be granted regardless….biggest fear most hold so dear…..death. Being IN (make that clear….IN not OF nor IS…..the void was the only step left….Am I correct? So, maybe this woman you cherished to fawn hadn’t any other choice but to morph or die on your shores. Natural evolution (or just to evolve/change) doesn’t bare the weights of right or wrong…that’s a man made justice system to where that belongs. I hope the one that you loved to dream and share the emotion on these screens has the best life she can all considering this might just be the dreamland and it never comes to fruition due to love loss can be the worst infliction. Sorry to carry on but i felt very moved to comment…didn’t know i’d spill all this in the event. LOL Much LOve…Thank you. I loved giving my two cents then I got 10 on it …came up then the…..take the 20 and followed by I got fitty (50) or fity cents….does it end up in agoogle (smirk) thank you


    • Wow, I’m glad this inspired such strong emotions within you. Not sure how to unpick your comments, but it seems it spoke to you. The themes as you point out are sombre, a state of giving in and an engulfment that takes over. Death is always so far and yet so near, and pain comes from many points. Like you say, love lost is the worst infliction as it robs us of what could’ve been. Thank you for the coins you have tossed here, all precious and appreciated.

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