Death in neutral

Death comes, not in the sudden felling of your tree of life.
That monumental crash in the wooded realm of existence.
Or in an avalanche of silent demise,
Crashing into white off a precipice that follows a climb.
Death never leaves a new life.
It breathes silently on your skin.
Like a misty voice, cold and condensed.
Dew dropping its pain along the way.
Watching as your petals of life fall.
A new one each day.

dead rose skull

Taken from
Seasons of a wandering heart

book cover snow and tree


22 thoughts on “Death in neutral

  1. This truly poetic line immediately made me think of Nick Cave’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche
    “Or in an avalanche of silent demise,”


    • Anything that relates to Mr Cohen is a compliment, but yes I can see that too now. That thought of being covered in suffocating grief.
      Glad you thought this cut the mustard 🙂

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      • Oh Mark .. just thoughts that flash in front of my eyes … at the the moment I am reading Walt Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’ … and wow I’ve a lot to learn and a long way to go… Cheers..


      • Well. They go (haha). Definitely staying busy and creative… which is a great thing. I’ve been busy setting a new thing for me, selling my art… I hope it will be successful, in that a few folks in the world may want to own something of my art here and there. Nothing I’ll “make money” with, since that isn’t really a goal of mine… but just knowing maybe a few people like it enough to own it, would sure be awesome.

        I hope you’re doing well. 💕

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      • True artists never do it for money, most creative works just have to be done.
        But good luck with the new venture, exciting. What’s your online hub where I might view some pieces?

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      • I’m working on getting it all uploaded. I’m hoping/planning to have the first batch done probably on Monday. Currently there are only a couple up, so I figure I’ll make a post with links. After that… well, I’m thinking I’m going to redo my blog, which, as you know, is a huge undertaking but I’ve decided to go in a different direction than I started this particular blog with… so I need an overhaul. Leave the old stuff behind and move forward. Excelsior! as they say… actually… I don’t know anyone who REALLY says that… but they used to haha… “ever upward” is the meaning.

        But I’ll have photography and digital art on there.

        I’m sure you understand that need to be creative and push yourself while still “enjoying” it. You’ve been one of my top five favorite writers for a few years now.. and I see, I’m sure, just a drop in the bucket of what you can do.


      • Sounds like there’s a plan in place, and it’s good you are pushing yourself and branching. Always nice to put yourself into different art and directions, we are never truly one thing.
        If i can help with anything, let me know, but eager to see what emerges from the cocoon of creativeness.
        (And yes, blog/site overhauls are time intensive, but fun to put something into a form of reality form the head. Good luck)

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