Kill the moon

How dare you illuminate and steal my heart.
You glisten there with your tide of treachery.
Luring many to the edges.
My heart was strong, yet you broke it apart.
Forcing the pieces to drift in their gravitless state.
You are a thief and a liar.
For the light you shine is not your own.
Stolen and reflected from the sun.
One that gives much warmth and life.
You are cold and capricious.
Showing different faces to all below.
Keeping your dark side at bay until it’s too late.
I wish to break free, to kill you completely.
Or at least break away from your orbit.

13 thoughts on “Kill the moon

  1. Quite the line of stars that “lured” me to this poem’s edges, this morning. I can relate to much of this piece… though I still wouldn’t want the death of our moon, nor of our sun for that matter. I’ll bet the moon is tired of reflecting though, might like a rest. It’ll be good as new again soon enough.


    • I think it rests enough in it’s phases, and the other side does little work most of the time. The madness the moon creates, leaves it much to answer for i think. Heehee.


      • Oh I doubt that the side we can’t see does any less work than the side we can, personally. But yes, madness can certainly be a problem. Perhaps not only (or at all) for the moon, but for anyone who wishes to kill it, and for those that person affects in their vicinity, I suppose.


      • Interesting (and subjective) world view… and I hear you, everyone has lazy moments (well I know I sure do!! :)) But often it’s just the opposite… Deep work, important work, meaningful work, such as caring for family members or friends in need, or producing something worthwhile and positive for others with the greater good in mind… or simply quieting one’s thoughts and keeping core values in the foreground… removing outside noise, particularly negative input… these are most often completed out of the public eye. A lot of meaningless busy work is done in the public eye, with the goal of attaining fame, money, or status. That’s how I feel about it, at least. :))
        Hope you are ok, and/or that all will be well for you.
        Sincere best wishes


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