Creak and crack around the edges.
Let the dust and lust fall into the sky.
I spread my skin, hiding the unsightful scars.
Dazzling instead with my peacock stance.
These petals of purity, grown forth from a rugged soil.
Dance in the sunlight.
Coaxing ruby and daffodil stares.
Split open this mouth and allow words to flow.
Sweet like a mountain stream.
Coursed through volcanic changes of assumption.
Let you kiss my lava lips, that sting that tranquil water.
Turn my tale towards the sun.
Picked like photosynthesis on evolution’s hide.
What grows there they will chatter.
The borning out of terror-former.
Shocked out of a system that was impaled in the past.
Growing new delights to tantalise and snap.
Around this Venus.
Be on your guard and handle with gloves.
This thorny rose delivered from Eden.

3 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. Wow. Such an unpoetic comment — for such poetry. like when I first glanced down at the great barrier reef through googles — all I could say — about the hidden teaming life beneath me that burst with every colour imaginable was “holy shit” … Really good poem.


    • Ha, thank you. A speechless (of sorts) reaction always says a lot. But i’m glad you liked it. And the great barrier reef does indeed do that. Thank you for enjoying.


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