Once never here

Mind and muscle try to escape gravity.
Standing too soon.
Trying to lift off into the unknown.
Far away from here.
Hanging onto nothing but indecision.
You close your eyes to the jet stream, and that fear of falling.
You feel it now in your veins.
Coursing through the difference like a teenager.
Struggling for understanding.
But they could never see. They would never know.
Eager to cover you in un-precious stones.
Which is why you must leave.
To sail on the solar winds that taste of honey.
Forget the palatableness of decay.
For a distant shore will feel sweeter.
Than this rocky edge of adolescence.

5 thoughts on “Once never here

  1. We cannot grow until we let go. Fear and indecision bind us to the well traveled earth, while the stars persist in calling us into the heavens. If we forsake the stars too long, then we become regretful, and that is one step from despair. You have done a great job in expressing this sad and self-defeating indecision.


    • Thank you Michael, i find i’m constantly hungry for the stars and the heavens, but need to find a way to change here on the earth still. They do beckon though. Glad you enjoyed this one, i appreciate you letting me know.

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