Nothing lasts forever

Heaven begins to collapse.
Those words begin to relapse.
And these pockets of affection slip back into your soul.
For without them you can’t feel whole.
My love is not enough it seems.
To break the skin, and split the seams.
These wings cannot comfort, in the oncoming storm.
Now this connection becomes unborn.
And you slip away in the dark when the night covers.
Lying to yourself, and others.
That you are only what you need.
When it’s the love you begin to recall.
And with it, angels falls.

4 thoughts on “Nothing lasts forever

  1. Woah… that image is intensely violent. And this line is so interesting in the poem, which otherwise seems to rail entirely against the muse: “My love is not enough it seems. / To break the skin, and split the seams.” Feels like a hint to the 1st-person-POV’s intent, thus acknowledging level playing field perhaps, thus cleverly done!


    • Thank you, and yes i do like the imagery also…very suggestive. There is an anger here in the piece, so i’m glad that shows through. Hope it’s not a shared feeling however.

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      • I think most of us are affected by what we see… hopefully at least, lest unfeeling creatures we be. ;)) But it’s mostly our own choice to keep seeing them… and freedom of expression is important. I really like your writing style. ❤︎💛


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