Removed (post luna blue)

She lived up there, where no-one went.
A sparkled silent sky just for her.
And her dreams and diamonds, all well spent.
As she walked through her world in a blur.
For it was on the moon her soul resided.
In lunar craters she crept and hided.
Watching the world from the safely of space.
Removed and distant, from the human race.
And her heart was safe and full of silence.
As the solar winds blew through her soul.
She forgot the tether from us through her highness.
And all the destruction and collapse down below.

13 thoughts on “Removed (post luna blue)

  1. The beauty of this just brought tears to my eyes… that doesn’t happen often. A rare gem of a poem; a diamond in the cosmos.


    • Sorry to hear of your disconnection and loss. It’s nice some reassurance can be sought in words, no matter how fleeting. I hope you are okay, and the clouds are starting to disperse.
      I too take hope from art and creative pieces, glad i’m not a lone with that,


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