Seismic Activity (cataclysmic love)

Raw Earth Ink

In the morning she lay, peaceful as she did, the grasses and trees which took root within her skin stretched toward the sun. The verdant greens of fresh life covered her and she rested, calm.

She felt a breeze run across her hilltops and she shivered. A downward pressure and a shift in temperature. The breeze gusted and became a gale as the sky darkened above her. She shivered again, more violently.

An explosion of movement as birds of every size and color burst aloft. She raised her arm in an attempt to silently call them back. A yawning abyss opened. Many four-legged creatures were swallowed. The sky became darker and then a FLASH! and a deep rumbling.

The birds flew fast. She saw the whites in the eyes of the deer. Rabbits burrowed deeper. Foxes ran. She turned to stop them from fleeing, begging them to take solace in…

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