Salvation forest

This is what keeps me alive.
You drying on my skin.
Lobsters of the deep, snap memories for us to share.
For me to fish for.
Your tongue, a mind of its own.
I hope you don’t mind, that I describe you in such words.
But this is what I need.
A photosynthesis of love from sadness.
Breathing deep in me, swelling my soul.
Your Picasso honey, sweet blues of strung moments to fix.
A thorn in my side and iron lung around my heart.
Feeling you on my fingertips, presenting such possibilities.
A kiss will only do, to stain this skin.
Crawl into the space of your mind.
Where heart and head battle like warring gods.
Climbing mount Olympus.
Wax sticking, fear splitting into sweet tangible delight.
Strong roots that burst up toward the sky.
Like ghosts escaping a tomb.
Strange fruit that I hunger for, my teeth to bite upon.
Finding your heart at the centre,
I will kiss into recovery.
Restoring your pulse and transfusing our strength.
Into something eternal.
Breathe in this forest of salvation.
Return home.

11 thoughts on “Salvation forest

  1. So often when I think of the love I long for it is a spiritual counterpart, your poems make me feel that missing link. If only it wasn’t just intangible words that form lustful images and haunting emotions. One day I hope it materializes. But reading your works always gives me hope. Thank you for that. 🤗❣️💋


    • The fact that we long for it, implies we must have had it once before in some form. You can’t long for something you’ve never had. It will materialize in the most amazing way, hold on!


      • It’s been a long wait but I’m sure that will all be moot once it arrives. I’m just hoping that day does come for me. We don’t all seem to be so lucky on this adventure.


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