Glass black box

A vibration stems from the soil, creeping up the path.
Into the bones and the brains, a humming remains.
What stains the insides like a smear of the past.
Just memories and bits of self.
I buried it all as the clock thundered.
As the skies exploded in a sea of lightening.
Veins cracking the heavens like the strikes across my eyes.
The box is glass and fragile.
The contents heavy and sad.
Black like tar and the sticky oil of failed dreams.
Colour is not needed, for no one is to see.
To bury is to put aside.
Covering it with mother earth who dies a little more each day.
Who will find it? I do not know.
But it lays there now, like my ashes will one day.
A pound of flesh, and tears of regret.
The cinders of wishes that were wasted.
Inside the box they can cry together.
Silently, as those above do not care to hear.
So with this lightened heart I move.
From the pines to the eucalyptus air.
Stumbling across the sands, where I fear other boxes may dwell.
Waiting to be smashed apart.
Or cracked like the fragile glass hearts of tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Glass black box

  1. That eucalyptus air clears the dusty lungs! I like putting the things away in boxes. If I need them they are there but I don’t have to look at them on display. Let them cry together while I have a coffee and cake. Hope the New Year is looking good for you my friend. Sending chocolate coated dreams and equatorial warmth.

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    • That’s exactly it, there but not in sight. …can always take them out if we need them. Though some should be buried. Hope the new decade is treating you as well as you deserve….such magic awaits.

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  2. Mark. I always miss you when you’re away. These words, always stir my imagination, speak deeper than my soul, someplace I can rarely reach. I’m not sure how you do it.. but never stop writing.


    • Thank you Tara, glad these met you someplace otherly. You too have that magic with your writing also, just encased in a different jar. So please never stop also.
      Glad you liked this piece.

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  3. Many time capsules buried in people, poems, art, and nature. I’m feel inspired and explorative with this piece. Your art is pleasing to the soul. I must try to visit more…I’m pretty sure I’ll binge soon to catch up.


    • ah, hope the binge doesn’t lead to the purge of the negative oil….some of these pieces have been dark as late. But thank you for the kind words…glad it pleases the soul.


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