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Raw Earth Ink

Hello there poetry writers! Want to be a part of an amazing anthology project and see your poetry published? Raw Earth Ink is opening submissions for next year’s themed poetry collection: The Poets Symphony.

Anthology Title: The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems

Description: a collection of poetry with a specific overall theme

Theme: music; each poem must be specifically tied to and include the theme of music. This may include song titles, band names (known or made up), musical terms such as ‘notes, keys, major, minor, arpeggios’ etc, genres (like country, heavy metal, classical, etc), poetry read as lyrics (notating verses, choruses, bridges, etc), musical instruments, and all points between. This should not be ambiguous but obvious to the reader.

Submission deadline: 31st December 2019

Submission piece length: 10-80 lines (including blank lines), with preference given to 16-40 line pieces; a line…

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7 thoughts on “Accepting Submissions

      • My uncertainty is many times in the past, I’ve tried to submit my poems and nothing came to fruition. Promises being broken, and misleading me to thinking of opportunities.

        Since then…I stopped trying and decided to just post on here and enjoy communicating with my readers and friends.

        Most recently though, I got an email last month from a friend here on WordPress telling me that the 2 poems I submitted at the beginning of this year or last year. They told me that my 2 poems made it into their anthology and more updates would be provided for me in the coming soon.

        I don’t quite believe them…(as they say) I’ll believe it when I see it.


      • Ah I see, that’s a shame things haven’t gone well previously; I think everyone has a knock back story or two. Best thing to do, like you did, is invest in a space that you are happy with and engage with those who enjoy your work. That’s not to say not to branch out, as I think we must take leaps into the unknown sometimes. I think Tara is fair, honest and transparent though, and in this case it won’t be an issue. The theme of music is quite broad, so as long as it’s grounded there’s no reason not to be included. “Theme: music; each poem must be specifically tied to and include the theme of music. This should not be ambiguous but obvious to the reader.” Seems the only major prerequisite.
        I always think that people should write what they want in their style. The audience will find them, and it looks like you have many people who like your take on things. I’ve been rejected before for works and submissions, but it just spurs me on to find alternative routes and try different things. Don’t bust your chops too much, and throw that hat into the ring. Good luck!

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      • Excellent points, Mark.

        Your right, sometimes I do have to take a risk and see what happens in the long run. I’m still thinking about it but I’ll let you know.

        The unknown can sometimes be a bit of a mystery and that mystery elevates our curiosity of where our poems may go or led to.


      • Good, give it some thought and see where your heart takes you. I always see myself as just a channel for the poems, so they come and go with their own devices. They usually pick where they end up and whose eyes they land on.
        Hope you get to submit something.

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