Death in neutral

Death comes, not in the sudden felling of your tree of life.
That monumental crash in the wooded realm of existence.
Or in an avalanche of silent demise,
Crashing into white off a precipice that follows a climb.
Death never leaves a new life.
It breathes silently on your skin.
Like a misty voice, cold and condensed.
Dew dropping its pain along the way.
Watching as your petals of life fall.
A new one each day.

19 thoughts on “Death in neutral

  1. “Death never leaves a new life.” What an interesting concept. I’ve always felt that death helped spawn new life. The giving of one for the rising of another. The thought that death never leaving new life makes me think of stars. A star’s death. Cooling unto death, no chance of life left behind. Yet here, where our feet are planted (though our hearts may be far from us) that death, in my mind, makes room for new life.

    Thank you for making me think. I liked this, Mark.


    • I suppose it’s the notion of cycles also, the same atoms serve as something new out of something that has died….it’s only how animated they are. I didn’t think of the reincarnation aspect when I was writing this, but upon reflection it is quite prominent. I like the star analogy, especially in the sense of space and time delay, how it would take time for us to see the sun go out for example. Death perhaps is an illusion, a constant phantom who is never truly there but always threatens. Thank you for making me think, after thinking 🙂 Glad you liked this one, the image is amazing to me… in my head palace, the walls are draped with these giant classical compositions.

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      • oh how I would love to spend just five minutes within those hallowed halls. Pretty sure I’d be crying for the beauty of it. I will instead comfort myself with the poetry and stories you share with us.

        Lovely thoughts, as always. I am always touched so by your words.


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