Turbulent visions of love

You rage within me. A silent storm.
A tempest with temptation to drag me through heaven.
Cutting my wrists on the divine.
I let go, disappearing into the eye of all your wonder.
Lost in your turmoil and torrential rains of change.

13 thoughts on “Turbulent visions of love

  1. the eye of the storm , can be the calmest place in chaos, when the void creates a vacuum of safety. i felt the turbulence, good to be shaken up and to shake up what is too calm and almost unfeeling.


      • to catalog and gain our own momentum too perhaps, really like the “atmospherical” connect, makes me feel part of the atoms and particles that circle the universe. you have a way of making sense when its needed most!


  2. oh my goodness… the intense vivid imagery here, I felt like I not only saw it, but felt it inside my chest. Strong and crashing, a thunderstorm of sorts, but more. Very very good.


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