The air is alive, black on blue.
A multitude of ravens, seizing the world.
Magpie eyes on anything that shimmers.
You unfurl and follow. Placing the ties that bind.
Half asleep, half blind to predicament.
But something murmurs. Something calls.
An unfinished business that followed from before.
Each step, eyes down.
Stepping out from a dream, feeling the floor.
A product of now, naked and true.
Let the feathers unfold, and roll into a climb.
Un-flinch. SkyWest. Un-crooked.
Drop the grey.
The waiting in line.
And sing, distant and near.
A song so many wish to know sincere.
Eyes closed, breathing in the new air.
And let your colours paint the sky.
Wiping across a new dawn.
And darkening their sheltered lives.

9 thoughts on “F(l)inch

  1. That last line perplexed me. Darkening?

    Flinch. It’s a metaphor. I get that much. So poetic. I feel I’m not dexterous enough to grasp it all but I still find the imagery and words delightful.

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    • Please don’t get caught up in the metaphors, they are on signifiers to your own thoughts and images. For me, this was about breaking free from the black/grey and shining the colours within, regardless of people’s colour blindness. The darkening was a paradox of how someone’s own light, makes other people unhappy ‘dark’. – the narrow-minded usually. Glad you liked the imagery.


      • Generally I’ve found that when you are truly bright it radiates so strongly that very few can not be drawn to it. Like an infectious laugh. People just can’t help themselves and even the grumpy few still want to be near it. Or so it has seemed to me. But that is at a very strong radiance which is hard to sustain.

        But thank you Mark. I appreciate your comforting words. πŸ’‹


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