Sensitive souvenir

Through painted eyes I see your heart.
Overflowing, submerged in milk and honey.
In that kiss, I feel the tenderness.
Which my soul has yearned for.
But like a pebble in my shoe.
A reminder remains.
That stain on my heart will never fade.
And those mistakes I will keep in the back of mind.

6 thoughts on “Sensitive souvenir

  1. The poem had a sultry and intimate tone, loved it. Like exploring a constant tunnel lined with graffiti and glittering lights on a still and dim night.
    Btw do you make your own artwork?


    • Thank you, and i like the analogy. Anything with graffiti gets me.
      And oh, to be so talented. No, the artwork is just sourced form my scroungings on the internet. Pinterest mostly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I certainly have, it’s amazing…and comprehensive. I swim happily in thoughts of appreciation and glad the words found a place to rest.
        Was very kind of her…happy she liked it. Shame about those typos!


  2. Wow! Love the intimacy and the part about the pebble in your shoe ..being s reminder because that is exactly how it can feel like ..a pretty colored poison of sorts.


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