A soured state, a love now broken.
Hearts that shatter in words unspoken.
This picture fades, the joy demolished.
A hovering shadow of malice and gloom.
Bringing me the flowers once promised.
For underneath these bruises do bloom.

9 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. hidden bruises like faded tattoos, i see where words sink in unnoticed then surface – short poetic musings but power packed lines giving me thoughts about skin and painted flowers and how skin stretches to let souls bloom.


  2. “Hearts that shatter in words unspoken.”

    Having gone through an abusive marriage, these words ring especially true to, Mark. I recall that period as the loneliest years of my live.


    • I’m sorry to read that. Hopefully the bloom has come back now, and lessons learned from that malting petal period. Sadness buries the diamonds to be discovered when you step back into the light.
      Sorry for the resonance. Hope you managed to take something good from it the piece.

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      • Ooops! I am so sorry, Mark, I have misled you. I did not mean to stir up your wonderful empathy. I was merely trying to validate, to affirm the truth of your words.

        That abuse of me is ancient now. I’ve had plenty enough time to digest it — to extract the nutrients from it. Even junk food has a few nutrients. A few truths that add to, enrich, our understanding and appreciation for life. That marriage no more affects me today than do any of the meals I ate back then affect me today.

        I am so impressed with your empathy, my friend.


      • That is a great approach, and i like the meal analogy. Good to take what’s needed and forget about the uncomfortable digestion. It’s a sign of a strong character, and open mind. I’m glad you’re in a healthy place for it.
        All these things are testing us, and taking us to a better place.
        (And anytime!)

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