White/Blue – where are you?

‘It was snowing. It always snowed. That’s how she liked it.

The swirling white that enveloped everything, dusting and smothering all in a wonderland. There was more variety in snow she’d always thought. A sunny day was nice, for a trip to the beach or a stroll in the park; but sunny days were predictable, ordinary, and what everyone wanted. Snow, on the other hand created such chaos and difference…..’

With some housekeeping and changes to this blog, this is an update for the ongoing sci/fi short ‘White/Blue‘. Fear not, the lady of the jars has not gotten lost and the girl from Europa has not returned to her planet yet. This serial short story has lain dormant a bit too long over the winter months, but has recently been seized by a new wave of investment. As such, their temporary home has moved to my other site ‘MarkryanHavoc‘. If you haven’t checked this out, there is new content there and more of a showcase for my other works. New projects are underway and a lot of creative plate spinning is happening.
Updates will continue here for their ongoing tale, and it’s about to get pretty interesting. So please be sure to take peek through the blizzard, and refresh where you left them. Enjoy.

(A final copy of the completed tale is now looking to be published in the near future.)

19 thoughts on “White/Blue – where are you?

      • Here’s the crazy thing, Mark. The book I am currently putting my greatest energy into right now is a book of poetry called Fallen Star Rising and it is written in five parts and is much like this in that it’s interstellar. Deep Space, Gravity, Blue Giant, Supernova, and Expanding Horizons. Mine looks like… a tenth grader wrote it compared to yours.


      • Stop. You have to believe in your own stuff, and know your worth. You’ve seen from the comments that your art is loved and devoured by others…and they clamer for more. Only ever compare yourself to the version of you yesterday…no one else. That’s how we grow.
        I’m excited by your book, and love the title. Space is such a glorious canvas for poetry and art. How far along with it are you?

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      • Thank you for the vote of confidence. Yes, I love outer space, and stars and interstellar loveliness. I would say about 50% done, maybe 60%… honestly I’d have to go look – lol. I am stuck… well, not stuck so much as less inspired by one section but I’m determined to push through. I knew it would be the hardest section but getting into the headspace has been a mite more difficult than I anticipated.


      • Ah, i know that feeling. Good to come back to things when feeling more inspired. And good to push through also, but the block is sometimes for a reason. Let go, and everything will come back to you. And glad over half way. Your output is very impressive, the posts you do and the side projects……that in itself deserves some applause!

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      • Thanks Mark. That bolsters me a little. I appreciate that. Last night I had to quit reading as I became so pulled in and emotional wrapped up in one of your poems. They’re SO good!!


      • Oh wow, i’m flattered by that. I hope it’s inspiring you and opening up the hanger bays for the words to fly out!I’m glad it’s helping create the galactic world further.

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  1. I’m happy it’s continuing, also in a new home. Going to follow the trail there.
    Hoping to get some inspiration to finish my third drawing. Love all the love you put into this creation.


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