Flowers for Harold Jones

Sunken, like thoughts of survival.
Down deep where the waters darken.
A purple bloom that summons your winter.
We lay the flowers over you.
Hoping the petals rot into your bones.
Bringing a colour and beauty, to your sweet decay.
The irises glisten still in your eyes.
Reflecting a dull glimmer, from the hospital sad fluorescence.
Your golden sparkle, now alchemized to ruby red.
We’ll cast your soul out on a sea of lilies.
Keeping your head above the serpentine reef.
Floating above those sunken ships of youth.
And poppies will adorn our flesh.
Pricking and pinching our skin.
Remembering the pain you were in.
As the opium tickles our minds.
And we see you laughing, once again.


16 thoughts on “Flowers for Harold Jones

  1. My god. Your writing is intensely incredible. I felt myself drifting down, pulled in, and then “hoping the petals rot into your bones” and I was completely wrapped up and swept away. Amazing, deliciously amazing, as always.


      • Thank you Mark. Maybe I should get into short-story mode again…. I do have another Explorations post coming up soon.

        But yes, you have a special ability to really draw out deep emotions and imagery. I really like that. Like a veil is lifted in my mind and I realize there was something there I never noticed before. I like that too.

        I just got one of your books and I look forward to reading it. I have a feeling it will change my life. I’ll be sure to post a review when I have finished and processed it in my mind.


      • The world would be better for them! But i know what you mean, about being in a type of ‘mode’ for styles of writing. It’s good you know where your strengths are and what seems to flow easily. If the imagery is coming like that, it’s meant to be. I’m eager to see what the divine sends through you.
        (and hazah, i really hope you enjoy it. Curious which one, the older ones are a bit rickety in places. But i’m honoured!)

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      • Me too, it’s hard to comment on people’s work sometimes when nearly everything they do is interesting and wonderful (I’m terrible at commenting), but is nice when something takes you and gets you thinking. I like that too…thank you for twirling fingers in my brain 🙂

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      • What an interesting way of putting it. Because that’s what I think about your writing. Always so thought-provoking and life-altering. I keep thinking, surely he will write something shitty in which I can say, I do not like this. But your art style and your writing is so striking and meaningful. I am consistently blown away in awe. Whatever magic you have found to tap into… I want some of that.


      • Thank you, that i s very nice to hear. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of crappy stuff out there from me…honing the craft and all. Haha. But thank you. Magic is shared, never owned 🙂

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