Downfall in disappointment

As it comes on with no surprise.
Like the lead in the paint that hangs on these walls.
The disappointment blooms, like you knew it would.
The little teeth of trust you let drop.
Like the milk bones of youth.
I will only disappoint, because you allow me to let you down.
You trap yourself in walls of expectation.
Painting them black and red.
Matching your eyes.
Which follow and watch with such greedy intent.
Drilling the holes in me that allows the dam to burst.
And flood this space with regret.
For these disappointments clink like the ice in your glass.
Unneeded, for you are already chilled to the bone.
Moving through the crowd, placing us like chess pieces.
High up on the pedestal.
Setting us all up to fall.

11 thoughts on “Downfall in disappointment

  1. disappointment like ice in a glass, maybe that is where the phrase drown our sorrows come from, love the thought of water meeting in different forms to melt and become one


    • I love that Frida Kahlo quote: ‘I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim…’
      I like that too, of the ice in the glass melting…separate tears in a see through soul maybe.

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      • and i lover her indomitable spirit. when i feel like the world has wronged me i think of her and there’s real perspective with how we can live a life with purpose. We are all transparent beings living in an emulsion. Only those with that good special lens can see us.

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