Forget the earth

Show me the things, of dreams and plans.
But please don’t ask me how.
This better place, a better way to love.
I’ll hold your hand.
And keep the nightmares back in the shadows.
While you show me what’s beyond my eyes.
Pull back the sky, and blind me with light.
Show me our heaven.


8 thoughts on “Forget the earth

  1.!! Wow. Stunning visuals. I am constantly consistently blown away by your poetry, Mark. I mean that sincerely. This is absolutely gorgeous. sigh


  2. Show me heaven…………..

    Have you read the story of the monk and the thief

    A monk awoke to find a thief stealing the monks few possessions. The thief stole everything, even the clothes the monk was wearing. In all the confusion of the night the monk looks up to the beautiful full moon in the sky and says “wish that I could give you the moon”. To which the thief baffled and quick to leave never did comprehend.

    You are no thief. You are the observer. We are all our own unique observation and experience of this existence. You just seem to be understanding it so very truly beautifully and well…so well…as I can see it.

    Such beauty. Such majestry.

    Am I a sucker or is it truly like a dream?

    Whoever the muse this be……I have reverence for thee



    • Thank you for this, i’ve not heard the story of the thief and the monk before but i like the meaning. I think we all get caught up on the here and now, and that what is important is not temporary pleasure. Beauty lies beyond what we can imagine sometimes. We’re only privy to quick glimpses to motivate us to search for more.
      Thank you for your insights, and sharing this story with me. I appreciate it and your devouring of the words.

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