Second guessing

Disappearing now.
The time came suddenly, like a Monday morning.
Calling you, as long lost friend.
You took a hold of the avalanche and held your breath.
Erasing all in a brilliance of white and gold.
No more tomorrow thinking.
Or second guessing.
Passing now into something else.
Not man made.
Between interstellar space, and home.
It was so easy to dive in, to dive through the dark this time.
Not like before, when you tried. When you failed.
And the water froze you like heartache.
A new terrain looms in your eyes.
This escape is now your land.
No longer the mistress or mister, the sister or ghost that your tried to figure out.
Your god.
Take the keys, and say goodbye once more to the floor which once pulled you.
An inconvenient gravity.
Breathe in, and out again like holy oxygen.
Disappear and explore.
Once more.


10 thoughts on “Second guessing

  1. Sometimes thing happen in life that logically you can ascertain probably have nothing whatsoever to do with oneself and yet profoundly affect your life. Things that take you somewhere you needed to be, provided the grounding for a direction you needed or wanted to take or a confirmation of sorts.
    Sometimes I see things in life that feel so magically beautiful and meant just for me. I covet your writing as whispers of love just for me, but I’m glad others get to enjoy the brilliance and beauty of your words.

    Breath of life. Affirmation of the beauty of love. The glory that can be had. All around. In all of us.



    • Everything that comes into our world is here to teach and to test us, the micro is also the macro. I’m glad my work speaks to you as much as anyone else, i write for the personal devouring.
      There is also a magical pull to other’s work, i feel it too, and it can resonate within you. I’m very moved that my fumbling at the keyboard has spoken to you in such a way. Messages are always there, it’s what we do with them when the veil is lifted.
      thank you again, i really appreciate it.

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