In death, we shine

Your tombstone bares words that read your life.
Of sympathy, of love and strife.
But in the bones, that lie beneath.
A head of stars sits with golden teeth.
And holds a grand and saintly story.
Beyond the scope of daily glory.
For your own magic hums inside those bones.
Beyond what’s carved above in stone.
Your story is a vast and endless sea.
That goes beyond mortal humanity.


8 thoughts on “In death, we shine

  1. Question. First line. As I read it, I can make the word “bears” fit, as in it works. But the word “bares”, to me, I can’t quite get what you’re saying. So. Is it a misspelled word? Or am I missing what you’re saying?

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    • Hazah, i always like the questions. I’m afraid it’s me layering meanings…perhaps needlessly. Both can work, but with this it’s meant to be the stripping away of flesh to reveal the underneath. I fear my ability to try to be clever thusly leads to balls of confusion. haha. (Though if truth be known, i usually mix up those spellings.)

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