A Funeral of thoughts

An earthy taste in your mouth.
The soil that slips from your lunar lips.
Is a burying of the old.
Broken thoughts grown frail and forgotten.
They’d rambled in your mind like an aged pensioner.
One that no-one bothered to check on.
Whose milk bottles of intent built up on their doorstep.
These thoughts tried to slip away in the night.
Silently and painless in the light of a new day.
In the light you bring.
Those thoughts that are the shadows of self.
From the dark side of the moon of the mind.
Fearful of the sun, that shines from your eyes.
Dirt, on my pillow when I wake.
Burying the thoughts in dreams masked as nightmares.
Finally, dead and buried.


11 thoughts on “A Funeral of thoughts

  1. tears that became dirt on that pillow, easy to brush off in the morning and sweep away. maybe check for moon stones first. there’s a lot of healing thoughts and feelings in this poem, in sadness, joy is magnified, a dream within a dream, so artfully spun!


  2. Hey Mark. Do you think maybe just once you could put out a really shitty poem, you know, just to let the rest of us feel better about ourselves?? I’m kidding, but seriously, incredible poem.


    • Ah, thank you very much. Challenge accepted…will break into the vault and put up some terrible ones, they were pretty awful in the beginning. Honestly though, i’m grateful you take anything from my work…so thank you.

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      • But man oh man, Mark, you write magic. Literally. I am absolutely spellbound each and every poem. I read each one carefully through several times and each time I glean something new, something deeper. I always feel swept away somewhere where magic is tangible. It’s absolutely wonderful and I always look forward to each new post with great relish. Thank you!


      • Oh you’re most welcome, that means a lot to read such exporting words. It’s always been my intent to impress those feelings on others, so i’m over the moon it does that. I’ve recently been focusing, and i’m sure you’ve noticed, on the darker more solemn themes; just as a result of where i am at the moment. But the fairy magic will return, to go with that of the evil wizard kind. All parts, all the time!
        Thank you again, i really mean that.

        Liked by 1 person

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