Light into the fearless high.
Put those things to sleep.
Leave your cancer, learn to fly.
Death of memories on repeat.
Did you hear these voices calling you to be?
Those voices, in all of you and me?
Did you hear…..
….an awakening to be free?


9 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Mark. This was a hatchet to my chest. Stuck in the ribs, unable up wrench free. Every line: perfect. I feel like you reached right into my soul and wrote it directly there. You’ve given me much to ponder, thank you for sharing this.


  2. freedom was always there, we shackle ourselves to myths and fables, I like the exuberance in this my friend, the flowers and jars are warming and filling up again I feel, you know even the light has to have a moment of dimness before it can shimmer again.


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