Come to disappear

More pain in her heart than a bomb over Japan.
She clicks her heels, but nothing happens.
More alone than home.
She darts into the traffic, proud and defiant like rhinos on the Serengeti.
This was her town, but from it now she runs.
Her tears falling like skyscrapers.
Down into the rain and the black streets of London;
that tries to coil around her feet.
The slinking snake of society.
She runs out, down and up into onto the lampposts until they change to trees.
And she feels the nature breathe back within.
The racing rats she leaves behind.
Throwing her phone and her tolerance into the trash as she departs.
This was never for her.
She comes now, out into the greens and browns that match her eyes.
Seeing the vista swim into view like a quiet paradise.
She comes here, to disappear.
She comes to survive.


17 thoughts on “Come to disappear

  1. there’s always a certain something about a place that makes us keep revisiting it in our head, the emotions still flow in after touching pillars and stones. Your words have that effect, like an absorbing of energy that must continue its journey.


    • Very much so, like a huge magnet pulling our thoughts at times. I’m glad you see that in my scrabbled plonk of words. I imagine you’re the same…sometimes the words come from somewhere else and commit them self to the ‘page’.

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      • you got that right! they seem to sort of float across my eyes and lodge in this place even a tooth pick won’t get out!! and they battle to get on to the page, i feel like a general at war some days. can you see them a stream of words marching themselves off the paper trail! you don’t have scrabble, it’s very neat and concise words. Just reading with the heart, it all makes perfect sense.


      • I challenge you to write that piece about words as little soldiers…’s writing itself there 🙂
        Glad the sense prevails. I always see poems like sweets, some salty, sweet, tangy or yuck. hehe. Always never too full though for more!

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      • i never say no to sweets and cake, maybe I was a soldier ant in another life! I created something interesting there with the soldiers I see, it was a fleeting thought maybe I will munch on it and see what comes of it. When I bounce you ricochet me off that brilliant mind of yours.


  2. Pardon the pun, but this poem started with a bang, and didn’t let up until the end. It is so well crafted. Thanks for sharing it.

    I think I feel like her sometimes. There are hours and days when I feel a pressing need to get out of the city and into the wilderness. If only I could always do that when I feel that need.

    So many striking lines! “defiant like rhinos on the Serengeti.” That might be my favorite, Mark.


    • Hehe, I like that one too. It was going to have a more urban jungle theme, but I thought that was too obvious. Besides, it’s her story really and the need for escape. I’m with you though, the city can press and pull sometimes. It’s the artificial nature of urban parks that makes it all the more heightened what is lacking.
      I’m glad you liked this one, and I think the art is very haunting!


  3. Ha! I think I was feeling just like her some years ago just before I left the city for good. I’ll take my off-grid cabin in the hills every day of the week.


    • Ah ha, a survivor! I think everyone needs to live in the city once to get a taste for it, but not to put down roots. I’m with you on that cabin though. A room of one’s own (albeit, isolated) as the amazing Ms Woolf said.
      Glad you made it out!

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      • I most certainly did. I can’t imagine ever going back to that way of ‘life’. It’s definitely not for everyone (just like my lifestyle isn’t for everyone either).


      • Ha! Yes! Speaking of which, I frequently do just that. A nice 2-4 hour barefoot walk on the beach every couple days… sometimes every day (if possible). But then, I tend to be barefoot 98% of the time anyway. I’m all about the comfort part. Just who I am. But yeah, I see that so often. People miserable in their jobs or location or lifestyle…. take off those shoes! Put on a pair that fit!!


      • Yes! Takes me 8-10 minutes to get there, depending on how bad the road has gotten. It washes out frequently. I feel quite blessed. Even as a kid I grew up about five miles from the beach and I can remember many a day walking or riding my bike when I had one (yes even then barefoot) out there. Quite blessed indeed.


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