Little book of hope

With all the darkness and fear in the world, it is very important never to give up hope. Remember the potato; it grows down deep in the soil, finding it’s way in the darkness to push and reach up to break the soil to find the light. Reaching up to god. Reaching up to survive.

A free book is available in order to help tip the scale to the brighter side of the world, when you feel covered in earth. Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Little book of hope

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  2. Thank you, i’m glad people get something from my work It is a life saver for me, being cathartic; so everyone wins. I think i would think i’d be like Mushu from Mulan, out to change his ways.
    And as we all know, treasure lies in the ruins of one soul after all. Be sure to pass the gold on 🙂

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