Savage reconstruction of self

Through heavy storms this heart doth beat.
Battle born and weary.
Feathers frayed liked angelic irony.
Patched and nearly severed.
Where do you go to be reborn?
While wolves lick between your teeth.
And though pregnant hopes swell and ebb.
Through cobweb sticky emotions, and distance in your eyes.
The cries of sincere doubt corrode quickly in your salty waves.
Smashed into pieces upon your unwelcoming rocky shore.
Yet something crawls out of the ocean.
Something that slayed the terrors of the deep.
To reach up and scale that towering mountain.
That you placed there to warn those out to sea.
Of how close to god you now sit and suffer.
How away from us you wish to be.

9 thoughts on “Savage reconstruction of self

  1. Seems that this speaks towards the isolation that one endures to become more spiritual. To understand what or who God is alone but still hoping that loved ones won’t forget them… even when they are being pushed away. All full of complexities in this poem. Very good.

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    • Right on the nose, this is exactly that. The mix of personal growth that can set you apart from others, though necessary; hearkens to still having some level connection. Also becoming god, not just knowing god. thank you,

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