Sweet pathetic eyes.
That shook away the fear.
In an empty heart, of a sad veneer.
Eyes, like broken mirrors.
Which steal the fluorescents.
And dulls my world of its needful essence.
I cannot repair, those sad eyes which stare.


9 thoughts on “Fractured

  1. One can support the dull-eyed. One would be surprised what a little time, love and prayer can do for those in need. Then sit back and watch for signs of hope and change. We cannot “fix” or “repair” anybody. Transformation only comes from within and from a higher power. But we can bring them cheer and a listening ear as we walk alongside. If it becomes too difficult, then it might be that the “fixer” is in need of the those things as well and needs to replenish before depleting for the sake of another.
    Nobody expects or even wants a martyr, and frankly, there is no such thing.
    It’s all about one’s mindset. 🙂

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    • Agreed, change definitely comes from within. It’s surpising how many people longed to be saved as well as fixed though. And some, want to be the fixers. Lead by example is the best route, and people will want to fix themselves. Glad this resonated with you.

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    • Thank you, i never gauge the tone until it’s done usually, and tend not to see the rolling themes until it’s pointed out. Maybe an uptick in positivity is requires, it’s not all doom and gloom 🙂


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