The void where the flowers died

So tender and fragile, a life so compromised.
Which spins and spirals, of dreams unrealised.
And now suffocates the soul within.
Giving life to nightmares, which now begin.


31 thoughts on “The void where the flowers died

  1. The story is tragic, yet the sounds carry such beauty when you read it out. Your words are as always, intoxicating. The title feels like the first line of the poem. The last line brings the words to life. It makes it feel so real and tragic. A void that swallows you from the inside out. Nightmares seeping in.


    • Interesting you say that, the title was originally part of it. But, changed it around to make way for they rhythm. This is a sad one, the idea of flowers dying is never a precursor of hope. Thank you for the kind words!

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