Gallery of souls

How the love filled my heart.
Yet a size too small.
Breaking at the seams and spilling blood on the white couch.
Yet eternally it took me.
Like Moses to the mountain.
As I watched you fix your smile.
Nervously looking at the ceiling as you spoke.
Sleeping silently.
Being anything but me, anything but myself.
Wanting the world to fade, so I could be alone with you.
Just you. Swollen in a sea of scared beliefs.
And dreams that came true.
Fade to blue.
Collapsing the before into the now of the never.
As you choke the love out of me and let me breathe.
Letting you in.
As we begin.
Hanging pictures of our love, for the world to see.
And pay admission to leave.

12 thoughts on “Gallery of souls

  1. A magnificent metaphorical poem about love and sharing to the world love.
    Your writing reveals everything you feel and wanting the world to disappear because that’s how much love you have for that person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Brilliance.


  2. Another one of your poems I took delight in diving in and reading out loud, recording it, just to let the sounds of the words sink in as my disembodied voice speaks them back to me.

    It feels like you are disappearing into love, shutting not only the world but shoving your own self out of the way as well to melt in the arms of the object of your affections.


    • That’s a nice way of looking at it, i think i do get in my own way sometimes. Ah, the recording sounds cool (i have seen the email, but not explored it yet). The words are just as good as the speaker sometimes 🙂

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      • Don’t we all get in our way sometimes? The battle waging within ourselves between our heart, our body and our reason is a tricky one to face 😅 I feel we are very intricate boats to manœuvre.
        I like the spoken art. That is very true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That goes for writing too. Reading is interpreting, it can add power to the words or weaken them as well depending on your taste, your sensibility and your mood. When I read out loud sometimes it helps me feel the weaknesses of my texts. When I read yours, it flows beautifully. Your words feel very natural.


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