Futile impossibles

I’d cross the land, the sea, the desert.
Just to kiss your dry lips.
The holy water to wash away the hurt.
Drink me down in each sweet sip.
We’d be alone together, in the middle of nowhere.
Freezing the moment in silent static prayer.
Knowing we found someone to wipe away each hydrated tear.
The souls, for which, the skin had peeled to bare.


20 thoughts on “Futile impossibles

  1. Mark, having time to go back to your world feels amazing. I feel refueled after reading your poem. It is as if I have been deprived of drinking water and just realized I was thirsty once my lips met with the crystal clear liquid. You have such a way with words. It tugs at my soul.

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      • Oh! Je t’ai manqué? Clairement, c’est reciproque. I will like them all eventually. I just haven’t gotten around to read them all yet. Your fingers hold magic when they wander on that keyboard. I wish I could be there more and read your stories, when I am not writing my own.
        Teaching and learning music are keeping me busier than I can say. I slept for a whole weekend before I could recover my full-strength. How are you, apart from remaining your awesome creative self?


      • That’s sounds like a good busy though, and feeding the creative fuel for other endeavors. I would love to sleep and dream away the weekend, always so busy haha. But i’m well, lacking the motivation recently but not letting the year win. Many new songs?

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      • Bonjour Mark 🙂
        We all go through those low motivation moments, especially in winter. I am impressed though, you remain so productive and so consistent in your writing. Do you do it full time?
        Yes, it is a very good busy. I could do with a bit less teaching. The hours were crazy just before the winter break, which started five days ago. Musically, I am learning a lot. I still have a long way to go to master certain musical elements, bring variation to my music. I am loving learning and expanding my horizons. 3 new songs (two in English one in French) are in the baking stages, but there is still a long way to go before all of my songs can achieve their full potential. My guitar playing skills are limited and my voice needs to acquire basic techniques, but I am having fun.


      • Thanks, no not full time on my writing. I work at Oxford University so this is fun departure. Wish i had more time for the bigger projects, but time and a general malaise sets in. How about you, do you manage to find the time with all the stuff that you do? It’s good you know where you need to head with you practice and talent. I would love the lyrical part, but never would be able to get my head around writing music. Is the guitar your go to, or do you like piano…etc?

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      • Don’t you wish you could write full time? There would be so many more beautiful stories for me to read. I would love that.
        I tried to answer your questions in the email I just sent you. Feel free to ask away if you want to know more 😉


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