Perfect circle

Tracing the forgotten, on tiny little fingers.
Come, feel the weight of us now.
Wrapped up in cotton.
Pushing the sand and soul around.
Skimming the solar system as you exhale.
God’s miracle, of flesh and bone.
Captured in a moment, locked in a shell.
You move me like the oceans.
Swallowing the spray like dew drops of time.
Frozen in the depths of space.
These two states, like interstellar symphonies.
That asks me for forever.
Committing us to hold hands into the abyss.
A solar kiss, that burns the past away.
I will hold you forever, like God cradles the earth.
With the moon in your womb.
Giving birth to the stars.


16 thoughts on “Perfect circle

  1. that solar kiss that burns the past away has left an imprint on my brain. don’t like the sun much as it does dry up all the rain. but a beautiful image of that kiss that makes tomorrow not even a memory.

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    • I’m with you on the sun, but without it; we wouldn’t appreciate the rain as much. It’s like the snow, it has an extra level of magic as there is often the quickening threat of it being melted by tomorrow.

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