Echoes in arbitrary flow

Through this darkness, you felt you way.
Fingers in decay, while you groped for something.
I told you, you knew it then.
I would be waiting.
As the moon rolled away like the end of a film.
And the sadness reeled you in.
You held your breath and counted the silence.
Little drops like chips in teeth.
Tiny shifts, the tectonic plates deciding.
I hovered above.
My eyes light like a dove in its pirouetting flight.
I stripped your mind like a Christmas tree in January.
Shed. Cold. Naked.
And ready.
Placing candles in skulls to light your way.
The bodies of your old self, at use after all.
We swim out of the concrete, and into the sky.
Minds now alive and deliberating.
Of which wing to fly upon.
Which sky to pull down and cover us.
To disappear here.


12 thoughts on “Echoes in arbitrary flow

  1. I love how you ended it on a hopeful tone: flying away from the concrete and into skies, deliberating which wings to use, which sky to choose. The idea of a new life ahead. Another great poem by you.


  2. Powerful and moving poem.

    In the moments of this poem felt sadness and a deep melancholy of darkness.
    But, at the end of the poem…I sensed hope within humanity and hope within a second chance to overcome such gloomy dark tides. Excellent poem my friend. I love the title. 🙂


    • Thank you, the title was a little tricky at first if i’m honest. But yes, the themes are a whirl of sadness and distaste for the world, peppered by that ‘other’ offering a hand to pull us out of the gloom. Glad people are taking the hopeful out of the end!

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      • I couldn’t agree more.

        This world, earth herself feels that distaste and sadness in her stomach. But, hope is there in our hearts to do right and better for the sake of us all.

        I’m glad you’ve written this brilliant poem.


  3. the sadness in this makes me see the beauty of life. I like the naked Christmas tree, all ready for a new adorning. and candles that will burn for light and for warmth. dripping wax to seal a promise.


    • The sadness does prevail in this one a lot. The Christmas tree is pretty symbolic, something idolized for a fleeting period, only to be stripped and thrown away. If only we could seal those feelings in wax and let them remain forever.

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      • yes for a fleeting moment it is looked at with much wonder and hope but as soon as the event is over it seems to lose its magic somehow. my tiny tree is up all year because I think magic is an everyday thing. seal them in wax or in carbon fiber like dragonflies in amber.


      • Excellent, i’m really glad to read your tree is up all year….keep the magic alive! And yes, as i wrote about the wax i was thinking those Jurassic park amber bugs! Great minds.

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