Margin of errors

Clouds across my windowed eyes.
Rain that splashes my soul.
Wandering along that mountain path.
Crushing stones and sympathies underfoot.
Careful at the mountain ledge.
Careful at the water’s edge.
Leaving the drowning for the thoughts that never learnt to swim.
And the birds that cannot fly.


4 thoughts on “Margin of errors

  1. Really love the first line. “Clouds across my windowed eyes” Makes me think about how I read that if time froze we would not be able to see anything. Because photons allows us to see and they would be frozen too.


    • That line went through many changes, because it didn’t sit well at first. But in the end, it was the very displacement of the words that made it work i think. I didn’t know that about photons!. What do memories run on though one wonders…


      • Idk, I should have payed more attention in perspective psychology in school. The information was fascinating but the professor had this voice that would make me daydream or go to sleep.
        Have to look it up.


      • Ah yes, i know what you mean. Speakers do need to be a certain way to keep from lulling you into a dreamy state, especially with the topic. Those classes used to be around 8pm in the evening, so i would head from work form one side of London to the other and try not to fall asleep in the comforting class (filed with candles and soft lighting). Glad you’re getting something from them though.

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