Are you fading?

Are you fading?
Do these colours run from you?
The yellow, fades to grey, inside a day.
And memories are now obscured from view.
The pill in your hand doesn’t make you invincible.
It merely hurries the inconceivable.


9 thoughts on “Are you fading?

  1. all colours fade into white, all the light you cannot see, yet it’s brilliant. External props doesn’t make us, they dilute our essence. We are far more aromatic then the intoxication we think we need.


      • I watched Coco the movie and though it was a children’s animation gave me some things to think about why we forget people and they seem to disappear when they are gone. Everyone leaves something behind, but that that we do leave determines whether it is worth remembering or wanting to be forgotten.

        We live such rich lives but always seem to compare with others we think are brighter. Oh if only we knew what we could be and stop comparing and continue being. We do need that external validation but to what degree? I think it’s quite unreasonable to seek constant validation from others and put a burden on them that they never knew they had to carry.

        but I am just as guilty of wanting it, like a famous little line I once heard, babies cry for it and old men die for it, Attention! we all want it and yet after much soul searching realise we weren’t giving ourselves enough. I ramble but I know you are always graciously forgiving!


      • It’s an interesting notion about what legacy in a way people leave behind. The world is constructed in us pursing making our lives comfortable and crave the vapid and disposable. To be remembered as loving, generous and interesting is much better than being known for having a fast car etc. I hear Coco bleeds the reality of life and death and the humanity of it all well. Pixar are always good with the tenderness of life i think. I will check it out soon…still yet to see.
        I agree, i think we all have the possibility to be anything, we just lack the desire sometimes. And like you say, too much comparing. There’s that interesting line in ‘Fight club’: “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” unnecessary burden.

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being your own cheerleader and believing in what you are and have to say, the attention is good sometimes as it allows you to influence others. Leading by example, that’s when attention is good!
        And the ramble is a drink i am always thirst for! 🙂


  2. I know the feeling too well. Humans on an every day basis sense and feel the world or loved one’s fading. There is hope on the other side. It may take time to heal from wounds but our family and friends are there for us to get through hard and difficult times.

    This was my interpretation of your work and you my friend and such a talented writer. 🙂


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